WG?! Top 5.2


Happy Tuesday (or Wednesday depending when you read this)! As promised in my post last week here is this week’s Top 5!

1. First things first—I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! That’s one good way to start your week off on the right foot! Hopefully you had the day off and enjoyed some delicious barbeque. Hooray for food and sleeping in! This week should go by pretty fast and soon enough it’ll be the weekend/June! This year is passing by so quickly, isn’t it?

2. My friend’s mother, who is such a vibrant and hardworking individual, gave birth to a healthy baby girl this past Tuesday! ☺ Labor and pregnancy have always freaked me out (I’m a wimp!) but I’ve been surrounded by so many woman through their pregnancies lately and holding baby Stephanie and watching her gaze into her new world put me at ease. I can see myself being a mommy someday, but I’m getting ahead of myself. I need to snag a good guy first!

3. I love all of our new bloggers on board and it’s so exciting to have so many people involved in our effort and support us! I love hopping on the site and being greeted by the lovely Kim Kardashian, Hayden Panettiere, our friends at Seventeen, Global Giving, and so many others whom have contributed to our effort! Thanks for all that you’re doing and let’s continue to spread good. ☺

4. I can’t stop reading! I’ve found myself unable to leave Borders and Barnes and Noble and couldn’t help but pick up a few books. I love the bargain book section. I’ve picked up so many short story and poetry anthologies for a mere $3! Speaking of books, I was recently introduced to Library Project which is an organization that donates books and libraries to under financed schools and orphanages in the developing world. This sounds like a wonderful cause, and seems to be somewhat similar to First Book. With all that I’m reading I’ll definitely need to hop on EcoLibs and plant a few trees!

Okay have a wonderful week everyone and Top 5 with me!


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