SMMH – Hawaiian Airlines Bring Bloggers To Hawaii

A special thanks to Hawaiian Airlines for being the official airlines of the So Much More Hawaii tour and giving visiting bloggers an opportunity to show their audience so much more of Hawaii.

For the past 80 years critics and travelers alike have recognized Hawaiian Airlines as one of the best and safest airlines.  To date they have transported more than 145 million passengers since 1929, averaging about 6 million travelers a year with high-frequency jet service daily to 8 destinations throughout the Hawaiian Islands and regular service to the South Pacific destinations of Tahiti, American Samoa and Sydney, Australia.  In addition to this, they offer daily service to Hawaii from North American from more cities than any other airline.

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Hawaiian Airlines has consistently been rated one of the “10 Best” U.S. airlines by Zagat Survey, as well as Hawaii’s biggest and longest-serving carrier with the best meals in premium class nationwide.  How can you say no to this?!

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