WG?! – Lunch with Warren: 2,110,100.00 DOLLARS (gratuity always included)!

By Tiana on June 27 2008 at 9:06 PM

The annual eBay Giving Works auction Power Lunch with Warren Buffett” managed by Kompolt has concluded with a record breaking bid of $2,110,100.00! This tops last year’s previous high mark of 650K! This also surpasses the previous record of 2,100,000 for an eBay Giving Works auction!

So in addition to getting a fancy power lunch with the financial genius at Smith and Wollensky in NYC, the winner is also contributing to a lot of GOOD!

The Glide Foundation, which is run by Rev. Cecil Williams (a national leader on the forefront of social change), has been helping the San Francisco community for 40 years now. From providing meals to those in poverty to empowering individuals to get the training needed for a living wage job (and providing that training), Glide is very much the spirit of SF. From helping individuals like Enrique bounce back from devastating loses and providing those like Larry with an outlet for their philanthropic passions, the Glide Foundation provides a close-knit community that people from all walks of life can thrive in.

For those of you who couldn’t fork out the cash for a dinner this time around, perhaps donating to Glide, cooking yourself a steak (or a delicious tofu/soy based dish :)), and youtube-ing Warren Buffett speeches/interviews will make you feel just as GOOD. A donation of $25 dollars will provide 2 hot meals a day for a whole week to a homeless senior.

There are also many wonderful opportunities to work with Glide as a volunteer, so if you’re in the San Francisco area please reach out! You can find details here, and Glide will also be hosting a Pride Weekend Festival and money raised from the various activities will benefit their HIV/AIDS and Health Services. You don’t have to break your bank to make a difference; your time is just as important. 🙂

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