WG?! – What GOOD means to me!

I believe good, particularly social good, involves pure intentions with your heart in the right place.  It is easy to do something that is good but it should be an effort that encourages you to do more and get more people involved for the simple joy of drawing a smile across someone’s face and brightening up their life.  Whether it is donating clothes, money or canned goods, participating in a marathon or helping someone cross the street, good can also be a collective effort involving many dedicated individuals working together to help or promote a cause.  As a society we should take care of our own people and also reach out to others.  I work with many wonderful charities and organizations to make sure everyone is taken care of, their needs understood and life enriched, but I also do “good” every chance I get.  Good doesn’t only involve helping the less fortunate or those with disabilities.  It can also be lending a hand to a friend in need or enriching children’s lives through the arts or by becoming a mentor.  It’s the little things that matter most, so whether it is something you do when no one is watching or with a group, good can be achieved in just about any aspect of life.

Article Note:  Our managing editor and founder, Roman Garcia, asked each contributing writer to write an introductory post defining “good.”  A well respected “eBay specific” blog in the UK highlighted my post as possibly being the mission statement for the site when we launched.  The last link in the 3rd paragraph directed readers to my article.  

What Gives is a “social goodworking blog.”  It has posts about Autism: The Musical, water-bourne disease and environmentally conscious shopping bags, and then this post that has the look of a mission statement about it.”

Click here to read the entire article.

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