SMMH – Maui Massages and Pedicures at Soleil Luna

The following is a guest post by L.P. “Neenz” Faleafine of Alltop. Original post can be found here.

Growing up my older sister had a lot of responsibilities, not only did my parents raise her to take care of herself, but they depended on her to take care of the younger children. For most of our childhood there were a total of six, including her, so we have an abundance of mischievous memories. Don’t get me wrong, we weren’t a rowdy bunch, most of our “mischief missions” were conjured up in my imagination, plotted on paper and then discovered and foiled by the watchful eye of my sister. Our personalities are worlds apart, but many people are mistaken in their judgment, especially when they’d confuse us for twins?

Today, my sister is a proud Mommy of four, and I felt she deserved a day at the spa. Over the years I’ve learned the necessary benefits of a massage, manicure and pedicure; so I was certain she would enjoy the experience. I booked the Mini-Day Package which consisted of a 45-minute facial, 50-minute massage, and 60-minute pedicure at the Soleil Luna a salon, spa and boutique.

The outside of the Soleil Luna reminded me of the homes in Kalaupapa on the island of Molokai, reminiscent of old Hawaii. Once inside, it was quaint with a living room setting, definitely welcoming and comfortable. We were offered drinks, we opted for water which was served with slices of cucumbers and quite refreshing. We were told that I would begin with a massage from Claire and my sister would enjoy a facial from Tara.

I am a veteran recipient of massage therapy so I know the drill and after a very trying day, I was looking forward to the kneading of knots. Usually I prefer deep pressure, but I’ll admit I had to ask Claire to go a little lighter. Claire’s Swedish massage was so perfect, it put me to sleep!

We switched places, and I informed Tara that this would be my first “official” facial. I shared with her that I received a free face scrub on a visit to an acquaintance’s Supercuts franchise so I discounted that experience. Though still a square room, the difference between Claire’s and Tara’s besides the equipment was the music. Tara’s was definitely a bit more of a funky groove, and Claire’s reminded me of the Benedictine Monk’s chants. The facial smelled appetizing as all of the products were organic and natural, including the mixture with paprika. Paprika? It opens the pores.

Finally, we met our pedicurists, who had the whirlpool flowing with bubbles from sea salt to soak our feet. If you’ve never had a pedicure, what are you waiting for? As soon as I began soaking my feet being gently massaged by the jetstreams, I was ready to upgrade my water to wine. April was kind enough to bring me a glass of light Chardonnay whom I complimented on her new look since meeting her briefly when I booked the appointments.

By the time we were done, the kinks in our lower backs were kneaded, the stress burdened on our shoulders relieved, our faces exfoliated, and our toes buffed to a shine with my sisters painted a shade of purple.

Soleil Luna is the escape we needed, and recommended it to everyone if you need to escape as well.

Contact Soleil Luna today!

Soleil Luna Maui Salon and Spa
242 Lahainaluna Rd
Lahaina Hawaii, 96761

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lpfaleafine L.P. “Neenz” Faleafine was born, bred and raised in Hawaii.  She is the Founder of internet marketing company Pono Media and the Chief Evangelist for the leading news aggregation site, Alltop.  Using social media tools to create and maintain online relationships, Neenz has a successful reputation for developing those relationships into real-life, prosperous communities.

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