WG?! – Yahoo!’s “Free is Good” Initiative

By Tiana on April 21 2008 at 12:39 AM

Earth Day is nearing and our friends over at Yahoo! are focusing on one of the most important themes of environmentalism: reuse! Beginning Tuesday, April 22nd, Yahoo! will be highlighting a “Free is Good” microsite that features Freecycle and other Reuse organizations that utilize Yahoo! Groups to provide a way for people to give and receive “free” goods from their neighbors within their local communities.

And between April 20th and May 4th, Yahoo! will “hide” special prizes in randomly selected Freecycle and other reuse groups. The prizes will specifically be eco-friendly in nature, but range from a Smart car, organic food delivery, an eco-resort trip, concert tickets to Sheryl Crow, and who doesn’t need toilet paper!? It doesn’t stop there! In addition to these goodies they will also be featuring real stories from real people who have found some real “treasures”Freecycle!

So this Earth Day, as you work by natural lighting, hop into your hybrid car (or ease up on your gas and break peddle if you don’t have one), and spread the message of being environmentally conscious, think about ways you can implement the idea of reuse in your daily life.

With so many incentives Yahoo! and reuse groups are sure to influence people across the world with a fun and “free” way to be green not only on Earth Day but throughout the year. Yahoo! will also be launching localized sites this coming weekend in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain and Australia.

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