SMMH – Stand Up Paddle Surfing — Laird, Titus and Lots of Surf Studs Doing It


On a relatively dismal day out at “Number Threes” in Waikiki, I counted three guys on stand up paddle surfing boards (pictured here) go by. That convinced me the large marge barges of surfing are multiplying rapidly. What is it? Basically a very thick stubby surfboard with a traction surface on the deck and enough stability and float to allow a rider to stand up and paddle gondolier-style around surf breaks.

You used to see people on these things periodically off Waikiki but they were mostly wild-eyed surf dogs or mad surf scientist types. Then my good friend Carnet Williams, who has a far more respectable job than I, told me he had bought one and was a convert. He says you get great exercise because you are paddling and balancing, using a host of muscles in the process. Besides, you can surf on microscopic gerbil waves due to the float and inertia of these puppies. I dug a little deeper and learned that even Laird Hamilton, the surf god and tow-in surfing maestro, was into stand up paddle boarding. Mongo trend alert, folks. Look for an article in Outside or the New York Times soon!

This is a guest post by Alex of  The original post can be found here.

For a look at some very cool paddle surf boards, check out Paddle Surf Hawaii.

Image via Paddle Surf Hawaii

Explore more here.

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