Top 5

When I first started writing for WhatGives?!, I had just fallen in love with High Fidelity and John Cusack’s charming tendancy to Top 5 things.  My wonderful managing editor, and awesome WhatGives?! creator Roman, let me have fun with it and I was able to Top 5 life on a weekly basis.  I’d like to continue that tradition here.  I’ll start posting them next week post-Thanksgiving 2010.  Hover over the “Top 5” up there to enjoy them!

Update [11/22/2010]:  I JUST unearthed my very first Top 5 post (circa May 2008)!  I thought all was lost.  Enjoy:

High Fidelity is one of my all-time favorite films and John Cusack makes me want to top 5 everything in my life. If you’re unfamiliar with this film, check out this wonderful little snippet:

So each week I vow to top 5 whatever is on my mind, inspiring me, or simply keeping me smiling. Ready?!

1. I work with this wonderful non-profit organization entitled Life Rolls On, whose aim is to raise awareness and funds for spinal cord injury related research and programs. They host a program called They Will Surf Again (T.W.S.A.) and this past weekend they were out in Florida. They got 29 injured surfers back out in the water and had a record 175 volunteers! It is a truly wonderful cause and they have events every few months. I will keep you posted on happenings!

2. I know Earth Day was a few weeks ago, but I’ve been on an Incubus high—they are my absolute favorite band—and the auction the Make Yourself Foundation held raised over $8,000!!! It makes me happy to know that my favorite band has the same visions as I do in helping others and making this world a lovely place. Yup!

3. I am in love with my school’s Creative Writing Program. I’ve been attending readings and making more friends and I’m just in love and feel like I’m supposed to be here and it’s such a great feeling. To study and someday do what you love is so fulfilling. I hope everyone is following their hearts because doors really do open for you when you least expect it.

4. It’s almost summer! The weather has been so strange lately. It rained Monday and today it was in the 70s! Oh SoCal, I still love you. I just don’t know what to wear! It was hot Saturday too but I had the best cup of frozen yogurt from Yogurtland. If you haven’t been, you need to mosey on over to a Yogurtland near you. You can’t go wrong at .30 cents an ounce and all the toppings your little heart desires. I try to stay under $4 but it’s hard what with all I put in my deliciously unhealthy concoction. ☺

5. With all the mayhem going on in the world it makes me think about how much we need to appreciate those around us, as well as be prepared for an emergency. I think California is due for a big earthquake soon and I still don’t have a kit completely put together! I need one for both home and car. The Red Cross offers some great advice for every situation and every person, including those with disabilities. Check it out here.

Try Top 5-ing your life with me each week! It’s fun! :]

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