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top 5 reasons i inadvertently fell into hiatus

[ 5 ] the chaos


oh there was plenty.  they don’t tell you how hard it is to push when you’re up against a brick wall and you’ve given your all and need to keep drawing from that bank.  it’s hard to have an infinite supply.  it’s hard to admit you need a break to recharge.  that’s what i needed.  i needed time to myself.  typically writing helps when i’m enduring a hardship, but i was so uninspired the words wouldn’t form.  it was hard putting things down in writing.  maybe i didn’t want to remember.

[ 4 ] the changes

boston skyline - piers park

i’ve bounced around quite a bit in the last 9 months.  newport beach to orlando to new york to boston to long beach.  i’ve felt like quite the human ping pong ball. couple that with a 2500+ mile transcontinental commute and any time off felt like it was running away from me.  packing and unpacking never gets any easier.

[ 3 ] marathon training


“if it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you”

my first 26.2!   i wanted to do so many more races in 2012 but knew i had to take it easy.   it felt so good to come back strong after my injuries.  more on that later.

[ 2 ] traveling abraod


here we go, pochacco!

puerto rico [kinda counts], philippines (manila & boracay), and japan (tokyo & izu), among many random days waking up and falling asleep in different states.

boracay sunrise sunset

sunrise to sunset in boracay

[ 1 ] picking up the pieces


2009 was the last time i truly felt like myself.  i had my creative routine down and was so happy with what i was doing, and then it crumbled when i fell into a job with management that just wasn’t good for the soul.  i stayed with it much longer than i should have, but i don’t regret a thing.  the past 9 months have allowed me to get back into my old habits and it feels good to get back into the things that make me me.  i want to write.  i need to write.  and so here i am, ending the hiatus.