I told myself I was going to write today, but first I was going to do yoga. I’ve sat for too long and now I don’t want to move. So I’ll write before these thoughts, and the urge, escapes me.

I know I’m days late, but I want to take a moment to reflect on 2015. It was a whirlwind year filled with highs and lows.

I always knew a lot could happen in a year. But this year I truly felt it.

One year ago I had a boyfriend. Today I have a fiance. A year from now I’ll be married.

One year ago today I was training for my 2nd full marathon. Today I’m considering my third, even though I told myself I was done training for a while. In a year I will likely be having the same crazy thoughts.

One year ago today Obachan (grandma) was still with us. Today she is with me, always, in spirit. I hope to continue making her proud with each year.

One year ago I was trying to find the right path and doors opened. Today each day is filled with the things I love most. A year from now I will ensure this feeling has compounded.

Days have been long, but productive. They usually begin at 0400 and aren’t over until I’m still for more than 15 minutes and it hits me.

I attended training for a project that I’m really excited to be a part of. We’re exploring consequences of the seemingly inconsequential: the inescapable impact of a single moment with high schoolers.

As I fall more in love with this, I find myself exploring the prompts through my own life. Seeing the decisions and choices that shaped my life and forever changed it’s trajectory, for better and for worse.

Years ago, someone I still quietly admire gave me advice when I was in a rut. I was in the thick of it and [s]he could pinpoint it without my saying a word. I thought our conversation would be an outpouring of all ailing me, but [s]he taught me something so valuable in that precious hour – the importance of aligning your heart with your actions and persevering until you get there.

[S]he talked me off the mentally tumultuous ledge I was teetering each day and those precious 60 minutes helped me regroup. I couldn’t recognize it then but I can see it in hindsight. I shifted my focus and slowly found clarity.

I mention this because I’ve been fortunate to have aligned my heart with my passion and actions the last year. In doing so I’ve found purpose in places I never dreamed, and it feels really good.

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