The Bay, On a Whim

I used to pack up and go at least twice a month, so it was nice to spontaneously get out of town.  On a quiet Friday gym night, rain pouring down outside, we planned.  There were reports that for the first time in 35 years it was supposed to snow in San Francisco, but we didn’t let that deter our plans.

If we could make it past the grapevine we were going.

Woke up the next morning to the most glorious sunrise and clear blue skies.

It was meant to be.

When we hit the grapevine, we were met by rain, sleet, hail & SNOW FLURRIES!

And 20 minutes later the sky opened up for us,

and we were well on our way.

By the time we arrived to Hayward we were starving, so we enjoyed dinner at Coach Sushi in Downtown Oakland where they just happened to have $3.50 bottomless sake.   The owner

served the sake in masu wooden cups

modeled by Thao, and generously refilled them to the brim nearly every time we took a sip!  He said we must take our first sip as a bird,

so we kindly obliged (CHECK OUT MY FRO!),

but we think he was playing a trick on us.  I have NO idea how much we drank!  We definitely left full, happy and prosperous!

We ended our night at Somar, and Anna and Fong made sure I didn’t leave without a quintessential smothering:

Sunday morning we enjoyed brunch at Bill’s Cafe in San Jose.  They’re famous for their Bread Pudding French Toast,

but my Hashbrown Skillet hit the spot!  I want to go back for mimosas.

Before we hit the road, we made a stop by Thao’s cousin’s house to play with the kids.  Gavin is one of the smartest, most articulate 3 year old’s I’ve ever met.

He showed us the best way to dig a trench (wet > dry mud) & put Thao to work.

Thao doesn’t do dirt,

but it provided amusement for us!  We enjoyed a light fruit, veggies and vietnamese sandwich lunch on the patio.  They’re such a great, model family,

and the kids are SO CUTE!

Can’t wait for my next adventure!


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