Tumblr and Twitter have infiltrated my subconscious, and I’ve inadvertently turned this website into a combination of the two!  The whole purpose of creating this website was to WRITE, so let me do that.

The last time I wrote a full-fledged entry was about a year ago today.  Tumblr really doesn’t count since I never let my thoughts spill out on the page.   Funny I miss Westerner New Years and incidentally return on Lunar New Year.  Reaffirms my asian bloodlines.

This past year was interesting.  I felt a lot.  Lots of highs and lows, but the good always overshadowed the bad.  Completing my BA (English & Creative Writing!) was one of the most grueling experiences I have ever had to endure in life so far.  I have never struggled so hard to achieve something on my own, but I’m so glad I can say I put myself through school.  🙂  Next step?  Definitely considering my master’s, just not sure how soon I want to go back to school.  People say it’s harder to go back to school as you get older.  I find the exact opposite.  I can’t wait to go back, but I know timing is everything.  I feel like I deserve a little break from the rigorous schedules I put myself through.  I want time to rediscover interests I had to put aside to get things done:  drawing, sewing, decorating, cooking, baking, exploring.  It’s simply too hard to do it all sometimes, so I’m trying to get back to my own schedule of life.  I have fond memories growing up.  Sun-shining through my window on my wall covered in surf magazine clippings as I read or drew or reorganized my room.  I need to feel that again.

Work has consumed so much of my time, but I try to not let it define my life.  I love working, but when I’m working 50+ hours a week at times I need better balance (though it’s hard to achieve when little surprises pop up).  I’m definitely making sure of that in 2011 because there is so much I want and need to get done.

One of them is reading and writing.  By the time I get home, I’m too tired to work on something intensively, so I look forward to the mornings I rise with the day and have some quiet time with a book or a blank .doc file.

Jeffrey has a way of keeping my love for film constant.  🙂  I just can’t escape it, so I’m finding my way back into it’s history and workings.  My Kindle goes with me everywhere I go, and my reading list is ambitious.  Hopefully my eyes can keep up.

I’m due for another vacation.  Still trying to decide where.  I want quiet to clear my head; to lay out on a beach and hear the ocean rolling away from me.

Hopefully it won’t be another year until I let it all out again.  I’ll be back within the week, if not sooner.


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