dear radio, you still suck

I haven’t listened to my own music in my truck since I had Thriller on repeat Summer 2008 and my CD player couldn’t handle the magic.  I have a iPod connector but it’s wireless and constantly moving it around to avoid static interference is annoying, so I have been subjected to mind deadening radio (or silence) for the past two years.  Jazz stations help, but sometimes it’s too relaxing, and I can only listen to classic rock for so long before I start feeling dated and longing for a time that no longer exists.  I need balance.

I finally found the right cable connector for my dear truck and iPod, and it arrived last night!  It claims “Intended for Professional Installation,” but I’m sure it’s something my dad can make happen.

AND for the first time in about three years I’ve started downloading music again.  Jeffrey was kind enough to keep me current when I didn’t have time to actively pursue new, lesser known bands/groups, but my collection is finally representative of my current tastes again.  (:  All is lyrically well in the world.

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