[Temporarily] FaceBook Free

I often consider deactivating my Facebook account (temporarily) for peace of mind.  I feel bad when I’m posting things on there and someone comments and I don’t respond in a timely manner (because I’m preoccupied and don’t want to be rude IRL), or if someone invites me to an event and I don’t see it until the day of (or after).  It’s not uncommon for me to find messages in my inbox that I didn’t know had been there for months.   I get too much spam and haven’t perfected my filters, so it’s overwhelming to go on there with the intention to clean house sometimes.  It’s probably time to clean up my friends list (following Aric’s model of course!).  It’s one hell of a time waster and hours of my life can get sucked up at times, so some distance is nice.

I like signing on to see interesting articles my friends have posted or any photos I’m tagged in from a night out/adventure, but I prefer phone calls, texts, and grabbing froyo [when it’s warm] / tea [when it’s cold] over online interaction any day when it comes to my friends and family.

But since the new year is coming I decided to deactivate my wall to shut out some noise as I mediate on the past year and contemplate what I’d like the new year (and decade) to entail.  I want to hit it off with a good start, so why not get my ducks in a row a few a month early?  If you’re stronger, deactivate!  Give it a try.  So far so good on this end.


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